Suboxone Detox Success Rate


Suboxone Detox Success Rate

There has never been a specific study to tell you the exact percentage of the success rate for Suboxone detox because it would be too difficult to do sincee there are so many different rehabilitation centers and treatment centers all over the country that it would just be too hard to track. The one thing I can tell you is that there are many people who have had incredible success with detoxifying from the opiate of their choice by undergoing Suboxone therapy.

So if you are struggling with opiate addiction then I highly recommend you give Suboxone a try because it will definitely give you an advantage that you didn’t believe you had. So definitely consider this if you are about to go through detoxifying from heroin or another opiate that you have been abusing for a while.

How Does Suboxone Detox Actually Work?

The process of making Suboxone detox work really isn’t all that complicated, and it is actually a very smart therapy which perfectly makes sense when you think about it. Although Suboxone is definitely an addictive opiate on its own, it is going to be administered to you in a much milder form so that the addict or opiate dependent person can safely begin detox of the drug that they normally use.

The reason why you need to detox from one drug with another is because opiate dependency is a very powerful thing and a person’s body and mind will physically become hooked on the opiates and experience agonizing pain when they have to finally come off of them.┬áIf you would prefer not to go into really nasty withdrawal symptoms and you would like to avoid agonizing pain then Suboxone detox is certainly the best way for you to go.

The treatment will be administered by a medical professional and as a certain period of time goes by your dosage will get lower and lower until you eventually reach the point where you’ll be removed from Suboxone altogether. I know that a lot of medical professionals want you to believe that you will not experience any withdrawal symptoms at this point, but the common consensus among opiate addicts is that you do experience withdrawal symptoms and they definitely are not fun.

The one thing you get to look forward to about Suboxone detox as opposed to quitting opiates cold turkey is that you are gradually weaning yourself off of the drug so withdrawal symptoms are not going to be nearly as bad as they could have been if you were to just immediately quit taking opiates on your own. So that is the added benefit and the main reason why this type of a detoxification treatment is so much better than some of the other options available out there today.

At least there is a plan in place that will eventually see you free of your addiction to opiates altogether. And that is obviously the most important part since you definitely do not want to stay a slave to opiates for the rest of your life.

What Kind of Withdrawal Symptoms Can I Expect to Go through at the End of My Suboxone Detox?

This is a very good question and I’m glad to provide the answer because everybody who has to go through detoxification from opiates should definitely know what is about to happen to them so that they can try and deal with their condition as best as possible. You are not going to feel normal while these withdrawal symptoms are taking place, but at least you will understand them so that you don’t have to feel like you are completely going crazy.

You’ll know that it’s only a temporary problem that will eventually get straightened out after enough time goes by. I wish I had a better answer than that but everybody is different and everybody’s body is going to react differently from withdrawal so you have to just try it for yourself and see what happens.

Some of the withdrawal symptoms that you may or may not experience while detoxifying from Suboxone are as follows: restless legs or leg kicking, feelings of cramps in your muscles or muscle pain, depression, severe anxiety, mild anxiety, malaise, sweating, insomnia, goose bumps on your skin, dehydration, fever, cramps, convulsions, stomach pains and thoughts of suicide.

The symptoms usually start within 36 hours of complete abstinence of Suboxone. And the majority of the symptoms can last anywhere from 2 weeks all the way up to five weeks. But because you gradually weaned yourself off of the Suboxone your withdrawal symptoms shouldn’t be nearly as bad as they will be for somebody who quit cold turkey. So that is a definite positive thing that you will certainly experience from gradual Suboxone detox that is very much an exceptionally beneficial thing to appreciate.