How Long Does Suboxone Detox Take?


How Long Does Suboxone Detox Take?

This is a very difficult question to answer regarding Suboxone detox because everybody is different. One person may be able to detox very quickly while using Suboxone, while another person may not be able to go so quickly at all. It all depends on the level of opiate use you’ve experienced over the years and it all depends on how well you react to this particular type of treatment.

The other thing you need to recognize about Suboxone detox is that it can actually happen in a few different forms. There are some people that are specifically taking Suboxone in order to help them detox from other more powerful opiates, and they are on a medically provided regimen of this drug over an extended period of time.

Then there are also the other people who are either completely weaned off of Suboxone and now they are starting to feel mild withdrawal symptoms and there are also people who specifically abuse Suboxone as their drug of choice and these people will also need to eventually withdraw from this drug in a safe way.

How Long Does A Typical Suboxone Detox Program Last?

When a person is hooked on heroin or another powerful opiate they will often get prescribed a drug like Suboxone or methadone to help them cleanly detoxify their bodies of the powerful opiate that they are physically dependent upon. This is done in stages so a doctor will administer Suboxone to the addict over an extended period of time which will allow them to gradually wean themselves off of the drugs and eventually end up completely opiate free.

This system of weaning the addict off of the Suboxone can last anywhere from six months and go all the way up to a few years. But I believe the average person will probably end up Suboxone free within the first year. But like I said earlier in this article, everybody is different and every person is going to react to a treatment differently. So you cannot put any specific time limits on these things because you never know how you personally are going to handle this type of treatment option yourself.

What Happens When You Are Finally Weaned Off Of Suboxone For Good?

This is a very good question that many addicts often want the answer to. And it makes sense because you are going to definitely experience some withdrawal symptoms when you are finally weaned off your last bit of Suboxone for the very last time. The withdrawal symptoms usually kick in very heavily within the second day of being clean of Suboxone, and they will be experienced most intensely for the next 3 to 5 days.

The symptoms of withdrawal will then calm down tremendously for the addict so they will become a lot more bearable at this point. But expect to experience withdrawal symptoms on and off for the next few weeks and they could possibly even last for the next few months.

This is the same as everything else I’ve said so far meaning that everybody is different so one person may be able to wean themselves off of Suboxone very quickly and experience no withdrawal symptoms at all. Another person may end up experiencing withdrawal symptoms a lot more severe then normally expected.

The one thing I can guarantee you is that withdrawing from Suboxone is going to be a lot better than withdrawing from heroin cold turkey. It’s also going to be a lot easier than withdrawing from Dilaudid cold turkey. And you’ll have a lot easier of a time withdrawing from Suboxone then you would from OxyContin or Vicodin cold turkey.

So you are definitely at an advantage if you are using Suboxone as your means to become completely opiate free. So please don’t get scared of these withdrawal symptoms because they really aren’t going to be that bad and the overall benefit to your life is going to be so tremendous that you’ll be upset that you didn’t try this sooner.

Are There Any Other Surprises That I Might Expect When Withdrawing From Suboxone?

I don’t know if this is going to be a surprise for you or not, but the one thing you need to be aware of is that Suboxone itself is also an addictive substance. So you can certainly expect to experience cravings for this drug when you completely discontinue using it at the end of your detox treatment.

But I like to constantly remind you that the cravings and withdrawal from Suboxone aren’t nearly as powerful as those you would experience from craving and detoxifying from other more potent opiates. So you are at a definite advantage now compared to when you were regularly taking powerful opiates such as heroin. So recognize that you have made a definite stride in your recovery and you just need to go the distance this time and completely give yourself the chance to be free.